An energetic, dynamic marketplace like South Florida’s undoubtedly holds a wealth of possibilities. Florida Venture Foundation was established in 1998 to contribute to the area’s economic development by assisting its residents and businesses in successfully accessing every available opportunity.

FVF is a non-profit organization that has been structured to provide training, guidance, education, outreach, technical support, and other strategic services to:

• Minority or disadvantaged (at-risk) young adults through its YouthBuild Outreach Program;
• Small or minority-owned companies through an integrated series of outreach programs and FVF’s unique Business Resource Center
The scope of Florida Venture Foundation’s activities focuses on individuals or businesses which would otherwise be neglected in the general marketplace, and whose talents and capabilities would remain untapped without outside intervention. Indeed, not only would the South Florida community miss out on their valuable contributions, but their continued exclusion from the economic activity would likely deteriorate into personal or business bankruptcy, unemployment, extended dependence on welfare programs and even crime.

FVF’s corporate mission is to create "strategies for success," and its efforts are dedicated to the development and implementation of programs that ensure that this community’s talents and skills are no longer ignored or wasted, and that small companies have an improved chance at obtaining contracts with large corporations, local municipalities, and state and federal agencies.

The entire FVF team is committed to this objective, guided by:

• Alina C. Delgado, President & CEO
• Anel Brito, Vice-President, Director of Media & Community Affairs

Armed with a decisive “can-do” philosophy, FVF is poised to serve companies and government entities enhance and expand their search for qualified workers and certified suppliers within this great community.

Miami-Dade County funds the Business Outreach and Youth Build programs.
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