Small/Minority Owned Firms

The goal of Florida Venture Foundation’s outreach programs for small and minority firms is to successfully tap the immense wealth of resources within the South Florida marketplace.

FVF has developed a series of initiatives through which it provides services – not available in the open market – to disseminate the information, guidance, education, and technical support required for the positive procurement of contracts within the small and minority business community.
Our resources Center Offers:
• Business Certification Fundamentals
• Mentoring Services
• Technical Support
• Training and Guidance Seminars
• Contract Preparation Proficiency
A vital element in "FVF’s strategies for success" is it’s comprehensive database of South Florida businesses; with over 6,500 entries, it allows the Florida Venture team to search and cross reference information that is key to the implementation of tactics and plans. Small and minority-owned businesses that would otherwise be neglected can benefit from FVF’s outreach programs and strategic services to develop significant business relationships with large corporations, local municipalities, and state federal agencies.

FVF houses information for a variety of Organizations, including the following:
• South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
• State of Florida Minority Outreach for Miami-Dade County
• Florida Department of Transportation Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
• Workforce Florida
• Miami Dade County
• State of Florida Youth Development Strategies
• Youth Build Outreach Program for Miami Dade County
Youth Build Program

Throughout the critical high school years, many young men and woman from disadvantaged households and distressed communities make ill-advised, life-altering choices that steer them away from the path of personal development and growth.

The Youth Build Outreach Program has been specifically designed to assist these youth in forging a prosperous future by:

• Promoting vocational/technical training, especially in construction-related trades such as plumbing, roofing and others.

• Fostering leadership skills through personal appearances by community leaders who were once at-risk teens.

• Assisting with placement in apprenticeship and job training programs.

Florida Venture Foundation partners with community-based service organizations, high schools, middle schools, youth groups and religious organizations to identify and reach the largest number possible of young adults in need.

FVF then coordinates workshops, seminars and conferences with the young adults to provide guidance and counseling regarding job training and placement, and establishes mentoring and protégé programs to ensure the youth’s successful participation.

The Youth Build Outreach Program combines encouragement, support, information and guidance to achieve its ultimate goal: Lead the young adults onto a life of self-reliance, economic self-sufficiency and positive interaction within the communities.
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